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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


How many phases are there in this competition?

There are 2 phases and a grand finals in this competition.

  • Phase 1 is the development of a fully functional prototype and shortlisting of final 5 projects for Phase 2. Phase one commence in May and ends in October 2023.

  • Phase 2 is the development of the minimum viable product for test bedding. Phase 2 commence in October and ends in December 2023.

  • Grand Finals will be conducted in January 2024 (TBC)


How many teams will be shortlisted for Phase 2?

There will be a total of 5 teams that will be shortlisted for Phase 2.

  • 2 x SMEs teams

  • 3 x PSEI teams

Who are the judges?

Judging panel is made of representatives from Target Media Culcreative Ptd Ltd (TMCC), Singapore Institute of Technology (SIT), People's Association (PA) and Jurong Town Corporation (JTC).

What are the technical requirements needed?

There are no fix technical requirements as long as the solutions provided addresses at least one of the stated problem statement.

What is the maximum number of pax in a team?

Teams of 2 to 6 persons will register as participants, regardless of the category (SMEs or PSEI).

Can I submit as an individual?

No, only in teams. Regardless of your category (SMEs or PSEI), teams of 2 to 6 persons are required to register for the hackathon.

Can my team be made up of students from different institutions?

Yes, PSEI teams can be made up of students from the same or different intitutions.

Will I miss the Online briefing if I register after 20 June?

We will provide the Online briefing and Technical Workshop #1 recording to you upon request.

What is the difference between all three technical workshops?

Technical Workshop #1 (Introduction)

  • Introductory workshop to the broad requirements of the product and the environment it will be in.

Technical Workshop #2 & #3 (Review Sessions)

  • Single group review session will be scheduled and conducted for the different teams for feedback and review of the work-in-progress product. Representative from the organising committee will be there to guide and give feedback.

  • Sessions will spread between August to September depending on the number of groups.

Is there any other ways to upload our submission?

Yes. You may email them to


Does the proposed solution have to address more than one Problem Statement outlined?

Participants must ensure that their entries address at least one of the three Problem Statements (below) outlined:


  1. How can we better amplify community programmes via immersive marketing efforts (using DDPs/ Digital Notice Boards)?

  2. How can we attract more sign-ups of community volunteers via DDP/ Digital Notice Boards?

  3. How can we tap on DDPs to conduct community surveys?

What is a fully functional product, proposed solution, or system?

A fully functional product, proposed solution, or system refers to something designed to perform its intended functions effectively and efficiently. It implies that the product, solution, or system is complete, operational, and capable of fulfilling its purpose without limitations or issues.

A fully functional product typically undergoes thorough development, testing, and refinement to ensure its functionality, reliability, and usability. It should be able to deliver the expected results and meet the requirements or specifications set forth by its intended users or stakeholders.

Who may I contact if I have more questions regarding the Hackathon?

You may email your questions to

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