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Judging Criteria & Guidelines

These judging criteria will be used for both Phase 1 shortlisting and Grand Finals

Impact & Relevance


  • Does the proposed solution address the problem statement(s)?

  • Does the proposed solution address the need(s) of the various groups of users?

  • Does the proposed solution make a positive impact on community?

Functionality & User Experience


  • Can the features in the proposed solution adequately address the problem statement(s) and need(s) of the users?

  • Are the features in the proposed solution complete and comprehensive?

  • Is the fully functional prototype (for phase 1) or minimum viable product (for phase 2) able to demonstrate the required features and functionalities of the proposed solution?

  • Is the user experience, in terms of user interface design, usefulness, usability and accessibility, desirable?

  • Is the user interface easy to navigate and understand?

Examples / Suggestions:

  • The following are examples or suggestions of features/functionalities that can be included in your proposed solution to address the given problem statements (note that this list is not meant to be mandatory nor exhaustive):

    • interactive features such as a touchscreen interface, clickable elements, etc.

    • option to select different views, i.e., summary view, detailed view, etc.

    • displays information that is localised or contextualised to its location, e.g., dengue numbers for that constituency, events/activities calendar (by week/ by month) for that constituency, location of public services or useful/ emergency contact numbers for that constituency, etc.

    • multilingual support to retrieve relevant information in multiple languages based on user’s preferences and needs.

    • inclusive of differently abled using appropriate font-size, colour, audio & narrative, etc.

    • ways to collect feedback or ratings on specific notices, etc.

    • interactive navigation/ wayfinding mechanism, e.g., provide information and directions to accessible entrances/ elevators, public facilities & amenities, AED locations and/or transportation options in the neighbourhood.

    • administrative functions to allow the system administrator to create, upload and manage contents easily.

    • data analytics capability to help administrators measure and validate the reach of the notices and to understand residents' interests, engagement patterns, and preferences better.

Technical Implementation, Security & Feasibility


  • Have technical considerations such as scalability, availability, reliability, maintainability, flexibility, security, etc. been adequately addressed in the proposed solution?

  • System should be protected against unauthorized access, cyber-attacks, manipulation, physical theft, data theft, etc. Has the physical and cyber security aspect been adequately addressed in the proposed solution?

  • Is there a clear implementation plan?

  • Is the implementation plan, in terms of timeline, resourcing, and technology, feasible?

Creativity & Innovation


  • How creative and innovative is the proposed solution in addressing the problem statement(s) and need(s) of the users?

  • How unique or novel are the features in the proposed solution?

  • Are there any value-added features in the proposed solution?

Presentation & Demonstration of Fully Functional Prototype (for Phase 1) and Minimum Viable Product (for Phase 2)


  • Is the team able to communicate the value and potential of the project clearly and effectively?

  • Did the team managed to provide a well-executed and engaging presentation and demonstration within the prescribed time limited and incorporated the necessary information for the judges to evaluate their solution?

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